18 October 2010

Tshirt fun!

Today I thought I'd share a couple of tshirts that I made with the kiddos a little while back using my cricut and some fabric paint.

I picked up a couple of shirts at HL for the kids and then let them pick out a design that they wanted on their shirt. I used freezer paper to cut out the stencil and then ironed it onto the shirt. Then I put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the paint didn't go through and paint the other side of the shirt. I just used a foam brush for the larger areas and a small paint brush from my stash for the outlining and faces. And voila! Here's the finished products :) PS...ignore the time stamps on the photos, apparently I need to fix that!

 Stevie picked out a moose.....Kinda cute if I don't say so myself...

 Izzy picked out a puppy, which I was happy about because it was quite cute...then she insisted that I paint him green.....Oh well, it's her shirt, and she knows what she likes (GREEN) here's the lil Scotty alien dog.

And all in all a fun activity for me and the "satisfied customers." Look at those grins :)