29 October 2010


I've run into a bit of a dilemma while organizing my crafty cavern. I've found that I have NO IDEA how to store and organize my stickers. I've tried organizing them in a a clear folder....hanging up....I just HAVE NOT found a pleasing way to sort and organize them, yet keep them handy and (mostly) visible so that I remember to use them :)

So I'm curious what other people do. Have you guys found a wonderful way to store stickers that works awesomely for you? And if so, I'd REALLY like to know your secret!!!



Dorcas said...

Stickers are a pain! I use an accordian folder that is 12 inches long,you can get them anywhere from 6 inches to ten inches tall.Mine has a handle for carrying. They're long enough to hold a 12 inch sticker sheet and have dividers so you can separate accoriding to theme: letters/ kids/ animals etc.
I hope this helps! :-)