18 October 2010

Monday minutes

I just happened upon Cristy's site and thought it would be fun to participate and to get to know a little about me and my crafty buddies, so here goes!

(1) Did you play any sports growing up?

Perhaps it's more appropriate to say that I tried and failed miserably at basketball. I was joke. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was impressionable and didn't want to wear my glasses to games...and the fact that I was just too nice...Girls would try to rip the ball out of my hands or jump up and push me around with their tushes...and I thought, well gee, if you want it that bad, go ahead...much to the dismay of my team. Eventually, I found my true calling as a cheerleader and left the basketball playing to the big meanies :)

(2) Have you ever gotten an MIP (apparently people don't know what this is.  I guess it's the dorky law 
school part of me, sorry!'s a minor in possession)?
Negative. No minor possession of any substance for this girl!

(3) Do you snore or sleepwalk?
I've been know to bring down the house. I come from a long line of professional log cutters...I just do my small part to make my family proud.

(4) Describe your last dream.
Some of the details are a little fuzzy, but I dreamed that we were having a family day at work and we had rented this ginormous inflatable trampoline type thing that we set up in a school gym. A bunch of people were inside testing it out and a guy from work comes up to me and tells me that he thinks he hurt a little girl when he landed on her...and then he left. Shortly after he tells me this, a little girl comes up to me with a smashed hand and a boot imprint on it. I carried her over to a table where I helped bandage it up and called the clinic to tell them I was on my way there with a little girl with a broken finger.
After this all, I awoke quite angry at the guy from work who probably hasn't the slightest idea that he broke some little girl's finger in my dream, and then just left her to suffer. Does this ever happen to anybody else...somebody in your dream makes you mad and you're still angry with them when you wake up?

(5) What's the one thing you've been meaning to do that you just haven't gotten to?
One thing...Lordy....I'm going to have to go with giving my doggy friend a bath. He's shedding like horrible, but now it's too cold to spray him down and send him outside to dry off.  

Let me know if any of y'all play! I'd love to see your answers as well!



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