16 October 2010

MIA? I think not!

Hi all!

I know that I've been a little MIA recently...I had some work stuff to take care of as well as my regular mommy and wife duties. But I missed you all too much to stay away FOREVER! So I'm back with a promise to be more regular in my posting. I love seeing what you guys have created and love taking inspiration from your projects...Hopefully mine can do the same for some of you.

Also, if you could, I would love you to stop by my friend Michelle's website She's got a lot of nifty projects over there that she's created in addition to hosting challenges and card swaps! You won't be disappointed!

And here's a quick project of mine....It's a scrapbook page that I'm redoing because I'm not happy with the white background.....

My daughter...a Lady Gaga fan (yes....she's 6 but can sing all of Alejandro)...and always wanting to share in the card playing fun that our family and friends partake in. On her birthday she was allowed to play one hand of poker with the neighbors for pennies. She ended up winning 20-some cents :)

Pictures aren't all that great, because it's still dark here and I don't want to wake up my sleeping family :) I'll let you know how the "remodel" turns out!!

Until next time,


Jega said...

Oh such a cute page. It does inspire me - me being a Lady Gaga fan. (I know I am too old for Lady Gaga but hey....I like what I like LOL)and my family all poker players
Great Page!