28 June 2010

A quick peek into my scrap nook!

I took some pictures of my crafting palace today. I've been rearranging and rearranging to find a set up that works for me. This is finally what I've come up with. It's a small space, but I've made the most of it so far! (And it sure beats having all my stuff packed up in totes in a closet)! Here's a few of the highlights!

Here's a picture of the wall behind the entrance. Little space, HUGE opportunity. There's some of my stamp collection on a shelf that the hubby and I made a while back, one of my paper holders, a few items that my father crafted for me, some pictures, binders, my Cuttlebug, and so on.
A closer look at the shelves. My dad made the wooden bowl and candle holder you see. He's super talented.

Moving on to my next corner. We have another paper holder, my clock to keep me on task *snicker*, a catch all basket, and some storage where I keep my fabric, more stamps, sewing patterns, paint, and some scrapping tools. On the wall is some artwork from good ole HL and the card the ladies at work got me when I moved away from Rochester :(

Moving over is a file cabinet that holds paper (duh), and stuff for projects that I'm working on. It's also the home to the cricut carts I'm using most right now, my Xyron, and a three hole punch. On top is another catch all and some bottles that I'm trying to find a home for currently :)

Here's one of my desks. The basket holds pieces to my current projects so I can lug it wherever I feel like adhering stuff. I have a three drawer tote underneath that holds ribbon, chalks, watercolors, and office supplies. There's a little do-hickey (for lack of better term) on the desk that has three pull out drawers that holds embellishments and such. Also have an old fashion picture of my hubby and daughter when she was itty bitty, and what space is complete without a picture of Audrey Hepburn!

Here's my other corner. Shelving courtesy of yours truly. This is my main go-to spot. It houses pretty much everything I use when I'm crafting. There's two shelves with pegboard underneath. The shelves house buttons, eyelets, brads, etc, as well as adhesives, some tools and punches, and other little random things. Strung from the shelf is a line that holds a couple of current card ideas that I'm working on.

Here's a closer look at my top shelf. Some markers, flowers, adhesives, glitter, and a lil bit of Hope :)

On on my second shelf we have a vase that belonged to my grandmother, a candle holder Iz made for me, a bin with a bunch of extras, my Crop-A-Dile, and a watercolor. There's also baby food jars screwed into the bottom shelf for quick access (and decoration) of some more embellishments.

Last, but not least, we have my cricut corner. On the wall, we have the molecular makeup of Serotonin because it is a well-known contributor to feelings of well-being.

Here's my desk all opened up. It's folds up all nice and pretty when it's not in use....*ehmm* hardly ever *ehmm* It's the home to some more fabric, my sewing machine and iron, my alcohol inks, and most importantly, my cricut :)

I hope you enjoyed my little tour. I'm hoping for good news on July 1st as I have sent in a project for Robyn's call for new design team members over at . I've got my fingers crossed but in all reality was just happy to be able to submit something!

Wishing you all a good week and oodles of fireworks this weekend!



K Andrew said...

I love your craft room--it's super charming--and so welcoming--it's the place I'd love to snuggle up and get crafting!
You are inspiring me to post pics of my room!

All the best-from my hands to yours,
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JustYolie said...

Nice setup, neat and organized. I've organizing my room for months now! LOL