25 June 2010

Barely Squeakin By

Yes...keeping up with my newly stated one post (at least) rule here we are again. I've been busy in the craft room (if I posted a picture you would see what I mean)...It's in shambles! I've been working on a couple of projects in between work, chasin the kiddo around, and family get togethers. I won't post them yet, as they are nearly finished...But I am excited about the prospects!

On another note, Jamie is having a giveaway over at her blog! She makes adorable cards! Check em out!

This week was a busy one. My birthday was Monday. I realize that I am still relatively young, but I was seriously stressin about this one. It's not even a monumental birthday but it had me all out of sorts! I think it was because Iz called me old the other day...Curse you whippersnappers and your shaded view on aging!

Along with the usual stuff I woke up Thursday to find a bucket in the middle of my living room. I walked cautiously over to it, looked inside, and there sat a turtle. A turtle, in a bucket, in my living room. I had a sneaking suspicion on how it got there, but I waited for Iz to wake up. About an hour later she comes out to the living room and says, "Good morning, Mama. Can I have some cocoa puffs? Oh, I see you met HePe." She named the turtle, that she and her dad found on the side of the road, HePe (HeeeeePeeeee). She tells me nearly every day that she wants to be a vet, so how can I say no when she comes carting these critters home?! To this day I have two dogs, two cats (she brought one home last week), eight or so pigs, and now a turtle. Luckily, I was able to convince her to let it go in the creek behind the house so he could hunt down some grub.

Keep a look out for a post or two this weekend or early next week when I finish my projects!

Have a safe and happy weekend,



JustYolie said...

LOL what a cutie!!