14 June 2010

Mojo Monday (My first sketch challenge ever)!

Today I'm participating in my first ever sketch challenge. Hop over to to see what today's sketch is!

And VOILA! What I came up with was this card that I'll be sending my Dad for Father's day this week. I hope he likes it!

I vowed today as I was putting my card together that I will most definitely be spending more time crafting in the near future (though I can't promise to post as regularly)! I won't tell you that I've made up my mind to post at least once weekly for fear of letting myself down! I do have some projects that are on the to do list for this summer.

Non-crafting projects make up that list as well. We've already done a little remodeling to this place we call home. I shall post pictures of that process another day. Later today I will begin a quest to find a faucet adapter for my new *drum roll please* DISHWASHER! Thank goodness. I would never want to be without a dishwasher again. The DH and I both agree that dishes are the worst chore in the world! (Well that and killing these freakin' ants that seem to have found shelter in my basement). I tried to enlist help from Iz, but one day after she helped me with dishes I was eating my cereal and slurping up the last of it only to see a couple of chunks from the bottom of the bowl fall into the milk. *GAG* Soooo, I'll let her stick to folding washcloths and vacuuming!

Best wishes for the coming week, friends!


Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

Great card, Tara!

I went without my dishwasher for a time...pure torture!!! A necessary appliance in my opinion! Especially in homes with young kids...

Beccy said...

Oh yuk! You poor thing! Definitely a gag worthy story and I'm not surprised you're keeping her to the relative safety of washcloth folding.

Your card is terrific by the way... I'm sure your Dad is going to love it! I really like the idea of using a silhouette... very clever.

marilyn said...

Gorgeous card!!! LOVE how you used the sketch!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

this is wonderful, so glad to see you playing along with the mojo sketch....nicely done, hope to see ya again......have a fantastic week.....visit us Friday for the Verve release if you can, details on my blog.

enjoy *~*