14 January 2011

I broke down!

I broke down and ordered myself a lil something. I've really been on the fence about it since it first debuted after reading everybody's initial thoughts and concerns but decided to finally find out for myself. Now, to just wait for it to arrive!


DebC said...

Tara thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower (bugjuiced) I decided to return the favor! I bought an imagine and had problems and got worried and sent it back but guess what I'm getting....yes another imagine. I just can't let myself not have one because I feel like I'm gonna miss out!! I did the same thing with the gypsy! I had one, didn't think it was for me...sold it and now I'm getting another one! I'm sick!! ha ha I hope I can handle the problems with the imagine again. They will get it all worked out eventually!

Tara said...

I just got notice that it arrived today...I'm sick with anticipation and the post office is CLOSED! I waited because I saw that a lot of people were unhappy with it when it first debuted...Here's to hoping some of the bugs are worked out and it will be a pleasure to work with!!