19 February 2012


I am super sad that I've been MIA so long. I barely have time for my FT job, my family obligations, my family fun time, and crafting -- let alone time to blog about it :)

This was worth stopping by for a minute....Silhouette Cameo. I want one. Bad. I've been angered by PC's latest suing spree and the restrictions placed forth on a machine that I paid good money for. So, I'm slowing making the switch. This would be a great way to start!! Go check it out!

01 March 2011


Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but I've been super busy with scrapping outings and such! Here's a quick giveaway for you all to check out...A chance to win a new set of ProMarkers before they're even available to the public! Hop on over to thefrugalcrafter for more info!!


18 January 2011

Valentine's Day Swap

Come join in the fun at Holy Cricut with the Valentine's Day swap! I love seeing everybody's cards!!

17 January 2011

Cricut mat oopsie.

A while ago I mentioned that my cricut mat and I had a slight falling out. And by slight I mean that I was cramming to get things done and it wasn't cooperating with me very well. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but since I've moved to the boonies and the nearest store that carries anything even slightly crafty (read - Wally world) is 30 miles away this was very disconcerting. Then I remembered a video that I had seen online about making your mats sticky again with brake cleaner and adhesive. So I set out to try. What did I have to lose?

I sprayed the brake cleaner on my mat generously. I then began to scrape away the old goo. A couple minutes into my project I was amazed at the stuff that was coming off....Then I began to realize, not only was the goo coming off, but the white mat behind it!!

Needless to say, I think I need to perfect my technique! I read somewhere else that a plain degreaser works better than the brake cleaner. I suppose I'll try that next time...Now to find someway to recycle my old mat :)

14 January 2011

I broke down!

I broke down and ordered myself a lil something. I've really been on the fence about it since it first debuted after reading everybody's initial thoughts and concerns but decided to finally find out for myself. Now, to just wait for it to arrive!

08 January 2011

Holy Cricut Challenge#3

Hi guys!! I'm back, it's been a crazy holiday season to say the least. I'm glad to be getting a little more crafty time back in my schedule as I organize my new craft table that my hubby built me for Christmas. He's such a dear :)

Just in time for Holy Cricut's Challenge #3. The rules...Patterned paper, Snowman, Ribbon, and Stickles! What could be better?!! Here's what I came up with....

I haven't found the perfect picture for the frame yet, but I'm sure my daughter will be the star!
The snowman is from Doodlecharms, and oldie but a goodie!
The paper is paper studio.
Chalk, Ribbon, and Stickles....that about does it!! Now hop on over and play along!!!

06 December 2010

New Year Card Swap

Come join in the fun over at Holy Cricut (totally-stamps.blogspot)! I love seeing everybody's cards!!